Sunday, October 28, 2012

La Llorona Grimm episode

I am thrilled that La Llorona has made it into mainstream English speaking television. I had heard of the Spanish Legend of La Llorona when I was a little girl at the dentist. There were a couple of Spanish speaking ladies that were talking about the legend and I was so interested in the legend and then as I grew up I forgot about the legend till I went to Universal Studios Hollywood for Horror Nights. I saw that they had the maze featuring this legend and I looked it up and I remembered I had heard it. So I was watched this weeks Law and Order: SVU and this was the commercial that played. I was really excited for the episode and I found it on Hulu and was very excited.

The episode was done really well.The show expressed the legend very well and really was close to how the legend went. They didn't explain the legend all that much except for how the children were taken.