Thursday, June 7, 2012


I adore watching various shows on Hulu but my problem is that they often do the whole "will be removed in five days" on episodes that just came on the website. Last night was the summer premiere of Pretty Little Liars and it already has the will be removed in five days listed on it. It only just came.


Please keep the episodes on there longer and if you are going to take it off then put it back on at a later day please put it so that everyone can view it and not just those who have Hulu Plus.

Red Rain Energy Drink

Went to Fresh and Easy today to pick up some items and saw that they had monster for $1.89 and right next to it was Red Rain energy drink for only $.99 so I decided to try it since it said Mental Clarity and Focus on it. 

So far so good. The only problem I have with it is the smell of it. Doesn't really smell all that great. The after taste of it also isn't all that good but it is affective in their claims of mental clarity and focus. 

This the description of the drink from the website: "When you are feeling run down, lethargic, or just can't seem to concentrate, bring on the Rain! Red Rain Energy. With Red Rain's great tasting energy blend you can regain your competitive edge, re-focus on that important task at work, or re-energize for your time with the kids. Red Rain Energy Drinks provide you with a great tasting, energizing drink, at a price that you can afford. So whether you have a busy work day ahead, a day at the beach scheduled with the kids, or are going out for a night on the town, grab a can of Red Rain Energy to give you the energy and focus you need now without bursting your wallet. Red Rain Energy Drinks - Energy In A Can - With Money Left In Your Wallet" 

This drink is really worth it if you want the same effects of the various other energy drink but for a cheaper price then the rest.